Halloween Crossword

Halloween Crossword published in November issue


Kaia Smith '25, Contributor



  1. Creepy creature also important for “America’s Pastime”
  2. Name of Hocus Pocus actress who shares her name with her character
  3. Orange Halloween fruit
  4. Candy bar that shares its name with a late Australian actor
  5. Surname of the magical wizard who became an orphan on Halloween
  6. Halloween decoration that could also be found on the cover of the book Gray’s Anatomy
  7. Two words: the day before Halloween after dusk
  8. Helpful tool for a trick-or-treater which is also used during the night
  9. Horror movie franchise that shares its name with an exclamation
  10. Two words: Tri-colored Halloween treat
  11. The season during the month of October
  12. The friendly ghost
  13. Day of Halloween 2022, unfortunately


  1. Creepy local motel with haunted hay rides
  2. Zodiac sign of someone born on Halloween
  3. Two words: A Tina Fey teen comedy movie with an iconic Halloween party scene
  4. Ideal candy size during trick-or-treating
  5. Local orchard where you can get pumpkins
  6. Suicide Squad character with split-dyed hair
  7. The substance that would be found in a cauldron
  8. Object used to illuminate a jack-o’-lantern
  9. Your “vampire teeth”
  10. Filmmaker Tim with many eerie characters