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Ask A&A: Round 2

Two of Haven’s wise seniors offer advice to students with burning questions

Q: Dear A&A, I don’t particularly want to double up in math, but I feel like I have to because it’s kinda unspoken at Haven that you’ve gotta. Should I take both math courses? I want to get a good understanding of basic math, but also want to do things I find fun.

*humanities luver

Dear Humanities Luver,

It’s important to consider your future plans.

If you plan to go on and do a very math-heavy profession, then yes, you should double up. In addition to that, if you’re planning on post-secondary education, it’s important to consider what’s expected of you at your preferred institution.

With a quick Google search and outreach to your counselor, you can find what pathways you should take in high school to create an attractive college application for your specific major and schools. Highly selective schools appreciate additional math courses, but if you aren’t interested in that, it really isn’t necessary. 

You don’t have to take any courses you don’t want to; taking a surplus of classes you don’t enjoy can be unnecessarily stressful. While it might seem like high school is about stress—it isn’t. It’s supposed to be a time to grow and take your first steps into whatever is next for you. 

So don’t feel like you need to conform to Haven culture. Good luck!

PS: We love the humanities too! 

With Love, A&A

Q: I applied to a college and I got accepted! I want to accept their offer, but they didn’t offer me enough financial aid. What should I do?  It’s my dream school!

*Colorful and confused

Dear Colorful and Confused,

The college application process is difficult! Be proud of yourself for getting accepted to college in the first place.

We suggest writing an appeal letter. An appeal letter is a letter requesting a second look at your financial aid award and usually results in a larger reward. Depending on what school it is, of course. It’s as easy as a Google search to find out if your school accepts appeals. And even if they don’t, try anyway. Let them know you’re interested. Be sure to include your name, school, and review some of the demonstrated interest you’ve had in the school before. Outline your financial situation in detail and be sure to make it clear what’s holding you back from being able to pay the remainder price. Worst case scenario, they’ll send you some scholarships to apply to.

Either way, you get insight on what next steps to take! 

Good Luck and Congratulations!

With love, A&A

Q: How do I get back into reading? I used to be a huge reader in elementary school, but once I started to get graded on reading I lost interest. I want to read more but either can’t find the motivation or the right book. What should I do?

*Regretful Ex-Reader

Dear Regretful Ex-Reader,

We suggest trying to remember the genre that you like the most and looking for a book that isn’t necessarily challenging, but enjoyable. That way you can start off with an easy read to get the ball going. Revisit authors you enjoy, ask English teachers for recommendations, or even re-read books; as Ms. Plows says, “stories change based on your maturity and experience.” So it may be fun to revisit your favorite reads! 

Remember that this should be a relaxing or fun experience—so don’t force yourself to read if you aren’t in the mood and DON’T force yourself to read a book you don’t like. Hopefully, this will help you remember why you liked reading in the first place! Happy Reading!

With Love, A&A

Q: How can I get myself motivated to keep working hard in school and outside of school?


Dear JellyBean22,

Great question….we’re trying to figure that out too! We’d say to first establish a sense of where you want to be at the end of high school and what you like to do. Then, work backwards to figure out what you need to do to achieve your goals and create a plan. 

We like to write out to-do lists, use the Pomodoro method, and reward ourselves! Anjali likes to treat themself to a snack after hard work. Aïssata, on the other hand, likes to make attainable daily goals. Our friends have found comfort in using to-do list websites like or Cheqlist. 

But we prefer writing it out. It’s true what they say, writing something down locks it into your mind. Finding what works for you will take time, but the result of knowing your limits and motivations are worth the time. Invest in yourself and success is sure to come!

With Love, A&A*

One more issue to ask A&A a question! 

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Aïssata Koné is a senior at Strath Haven High School! She recently joined Panther Press with the hopes of obtaining a hoodie! In her free time, she enjoys listening to music, making jewelry, and giving out free advice! Need some advice? Ask A&A!
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