Section leaders now implemented into musical ensembles

Students who sign up contribute to music program by completing various tasks.


Jack Henry '23

Orchestra director Mr. Nick Pignataro speaks with ensemble members before the concert on March 15.

Quinten Saylor '25, Contributor

Strath Haven’s music program has always been filled with opportunities, but leadership positions among students are usually only found in the marching band. However, a new leadership position called a “section leader” is being offered to students in any of the symphonic bands or orchestras who wish to improve the music program.
A section leader in either the band or the orchestra has the ability to tackle tasks anywhere from setting up chairs and equipment to creating new spirit events that have been requested by either music teacher Mr. Nick Pignataro or any other section leader.
These roles exist to set a good example of being a helpful leader to the other band and orchestra members, and to make the music department run more smoothly.
Sophomore Anwen Liu became a section leader this year.
Liu has been putting in long hours after school to organize the music cabinets and occasionally shift the band room chairs into place. She believes that these section leader roles are a vital piece to the success of the music department.
“I signed up for section leader because I wanted to mostly just help anybody that’s struggling and to help Mr. P with anything that he needs,” Liu said.
Junior Henry Reacher also adopted the role of section leader. He did this not only push his music career further, but to also see the music department flourish.
“I’m someone who’s always been very interested in music but I definitely wanted to take the next steps in terms of getting more involved,” Reacher said. “I have a genuine interest in helping people out with music and promoting the music program.”
While Reacher has only been a section leader for a few months, he’s already begun to help with organizing the band room, teaching others music material, and even creating his own spirit events.
He encourages anyone who is interested in taking on a leadership role in the band to give applying for a section leader position a shot.
“If you’re thinking about applying for section leader, you don’t even need to audition next year,” Reacher said. “Anyone who’s a leader is good. And if you want to take the next steps to become a better, more committed musician, this department gives you so many options.”
Going further, Stath Haven’s music program will take value to the many section leaders, as they can be used to set a proper example to others and tackle new tasks specific to future band events.