VIDEO: Dance masterclass energizes performers of any experience level

Participants keep their bodies moving as they shake the stress away.

Callie Susek '24

Loud music reverberated through the auditorium on Wednesday, March 29, as new and experienced dancers alike danced to the beat of Rhianna’s “Don’t Stop The Music.”

The class was hosted by student-organized club, Dance Haven, and ran from 6-8 pm. Dance plays a big part in the members of Dance Havens’ lives, and they wanted to share that with others.

“We’re not fundraising for anything and its not a volunteer thing either. It’s literally just because I think it would be fun and its really nice to be able to share the joys of dancing with the greater community,” senior Dance Haven leader Emma Wei said.

The student-run club announced the class over the morning announcements and on social media with an Instagram post captioned, “Don’t just stay home and eat chips… make sure you pop out to Dance Haven’s first-ever masterclass.”

Though she didn’t know what to expect, senior Ani Smith was convinced by Wei to attend the class. 

“I thought it was going to be just a big dance party, but I actually learned a few dance moves I didn’t know,” Smith said.

The dance instruction was fast-paced, filling the newcomers with energy.

“I definitely was a little bit behind but that wasn’t really the point of me going,” Smith said. “I just had a good time and I came away feeling proud of myself.”