Scholars Meet Service

Lindsay Kernen & Kate McAndrews, Staff Writers

Strath Haven prides itself for its diverse student body. Senior, Ben Wainfan, decided that he wanted to bring these diverse interests together- and help others while doing it. Last year, Ben created the Scholar Service Corps, a club that travels to Thorncroft Equestrian Center in Malvern. Thorncroft describes their mission as,“to develop the physical and emotional well-being of all people regardless of their individual challenges”. Ben shares the same goal, and hopes to attract many different types of people, for it to carry on with other leaders after the senior class graduates. Ben has been involved with Thorncroft since he was three years old, and his entire family has been there for fifty years. He describes it as, “a community service club that aids in the therapy of individuals of all ages and abilities at Thorncroft Riding Center”. The motive for his club was that he not only wanted to help students have the same rewarding experience that he has, but more importantly, to give the kids riding at Thorncroft the best time possible.

This year they are continuing their support with equine (horse) therapy lessons and Thorncroft events, but they are also introducing a new fundraising project with Camp Encouragement. Camp Encouragement is a community after school club in Chester that works with young kids who have been affected by gun violence and incarceration. Most of all, Ben hopes that the students who get involved will be able to experience the same fulfillment he feels during each ride. “Being able to help new people overcome new challenges every lesson never gets old for me. Each lesson, each group, and each rider really makes every lesson special”, says Ben.

All club members must obtain a 3.0 GPA, and be involved in at least one art, athletic, or music activity, in order to bring a wide range of students together. If anyone is interested in getting involved in any equine therapy sessions, art classes, volunteer opportunities, or fundraising, they can email [email protected] follow the instagram @scholarservicecorps for more information.