Junior prom prevails and succeeds, despite heavy rain

After months of planning, outfit shopping, and fretting over dates, flowers, and rain, junior prom brought smiles and long-lasting memories to the Class of 2024.


Jessica Farhat '24

Dancers enjoy the evening at the junior prom on April 24 at the Waterfall Banquet Hall in Clayton, Delaware.

Evelynn Lin '25, Reporter

Heavy rain and thunderstorms didn’t stop this junior class from experiencing their prom to the fullest on April 24 at the Waterfall Banquet Hall in Claymont, Delaware. 

From a buffet dinner and baskets of candy available for students to strobing lights illuminating the dance floor and even a red carpet photo booth, junior prom was a night to remember for both students and staff alike. 

“I was online last year, so this [junior prom] is everything to me. I love it all,” junior Adia Qualls-Houston said. “My favorite part of tonight was seeing everybody just so happy with no worries at all and no schoolwork. Just happy.” 

Over 300 students showed up that night in glamorous dresses, ready to dance the night away. The dance floor was noted to be a highlight of the night by many of the students. 

“It was really fun just because I don’t get to do that really often,” junior Sachin Goindi said. “So the dance floor was one of those things that when you get to do it, you just go all out.” 

Prom isn’t just known to be a dancer’s jam, but it’s also a sweet night for couples to dress up and spend time together. 

“Prom was just nice because we got to spend time with other people and with each other,” couple Cecily Heisy-Terrell and Wyatt Staley-Bischoff said. “It was a great social event, and we got to dance together, which was a really nice experience.” 

Not just students enjoyed the event. For junior class adviser Mrs. Carly Reid, overseeing the event and watching students enjoy themselves was very rewarding.

“I really enjoyed prom. Just seeing everybody transform from a student to glamor, everyone all looked phenomenal,” she said. “I’m just really proud. This class lost a lot in the pandemic and to be able to give this… I’m glad they embraced it and had fun.” 

Unforgettable memories were made, and much of the junior class is looking forward to their senior year, where they’ll have another fun and special prom. 

“If it’s [senior prom] going to be like this year, then yeah, I’m definitely looking forward to next year,” Goindi said.

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