Girls’ lacrosse team travels to North Carolina

A spring break together provided a fun-filled team bonding experience that paid off.


Courtesy Girls' Lacrosse Instagram

The Strath Haven girls’ varsity lacrosse team at a ropes course in North Carolina.

CJ Chen '24 , Contributor

On Friday, March 31, the lacrosse team set out on a five-day excursion to play against Durham Academy. The girls’ varsity lacrosse team visited North Carolina over spring break to continue the annual tradition of playing matches against out-of-town teams over the break.

This year, the team decided to reach out to some Haven connections and travel a few miles further than last year—which was near Penn State—for the five-day stay. They arrived on Friday night, and the following day attended a women’s lacrosse game to watch a game between Virginia Tech and Duke University, which was junior Grace Kelly’s favorite part of the trip.

 “It went into triple overtime, so the energy was really high and everyone was really into it,” she said. “And it was just a really good game overall. Virginia Tech ended up winning and then we walked around the Duke campus with a Strath Haven alum who goes there now.”

Junior Megan Nichols enjoyed the opportunity to get to know her teammates off of the lacrosse field. “The second day, we went to a ropes course,” Nichols said. “It was a lot of fun. You got to see who is scared of heights.”

Haven played against the Durham Academy on the final day in North Carolina, winning 20 points to 10 before making the trip back on Tuesday.

The lacrosse team’s bonding activities translated well back on the field. On April 11, they beat Radnor, a top team in the state.

“I think coming back and playing like that, I think it showed how much closer we got and how it helped us on the field too,” Kelly said.