French Club savors local restaurant

Authentic French cuisine in Media represented a return to club traditions.

Bailey Hansen '24, Contributor

A fresh, sweet scent arose as the members of French club went to La Belle Époque in Media on November 17 at 6:30 pm.

On October 21, a notification popped up on the French Club Google Classroom. In the notification, was a permission slip for the La Belle Époque field trip scheduled for November 17. During the two weeks before the due date, 30 students filled out the permission slip. Each student submitted $30 and two crêpes orders: one sweet, one savory. 

The night of the trip marked the first time the French club had gone on a field trip to a local restaurant in three years. 

“It felt kind of like a little community,” sophomore Anya Agha said. “Going out to dinner with the French club and having a little bonding moment.”

Student Club Leader Winnie Kenney explained that the French club has more planned for the year, but wanted to change students’ perspective on French Club with the field trip.

“We want people when they hear French club to not think of sitting down and studying French,” Kenney said. “There are a lot of cultures you can be part of without speaking the language, so we really wanted to make it accessible.”

According to French Club faculty co-adviser Madame Suzanne Stadnicki, the return to a previous tradition after pandemic interruptions was welcome. 

“It was kind of nice to have a good old-fashioned field trip,” she said.

The field trip brought back a sense of normality to the club, but Kenney noted that there were also aspects to the experience that made it feel unique and special for members. 

“I feel that a lot of high schools students aren’t used to going out and eating a meal with their friends,” they said. “Most high school students will go out and eat fast food, but no one is doing a sit-down meal.”

La Belle Époque may have just been a normal field trip, but for the French club, this trip represented a fresh start to get people involved and interested in the French club.

“When we were setting up the event what we most wanted was just to have a trip that could get everybody engaged,” Kenney said. “Not only in the culture but in the club.”