Fish Club goes to Adventure Aquarium

A handful of club members got the chance to explore the wide variety of aquatic life found at the Adventure Aquarium.

Quinten Saylor '25, Contributor

While most students proceeded to their second block on Wednesday, Nov. 30, members of Fish Club made their way down to the first-floor office to embark on a journey to Camden’s Adventure Aquarium for the day.

Club members got the chance to explore the festive-themed exhibits, bond with friends, and learn about creatures they don’t have access to in the club’s tank.

President of Fish Club, junior CJ Chen, wanted to treat the club to a fun activity that got the members away from the usual classroom tank and into a new environment with plenty of diverse creatures and learning opportunities.

“Getting the tank started has been pretty rough, it takes a really long time, and people don’t really have the patience for that,” Chen said. “I thought going to the aquarium is like inspiration I guess for what we could do with our tanks.” 

But even after all the hard work and planning that went into the trip, Chen still thinks that it would be possible to revisit the aquarium in the future.

“It takes a lot of time and planning,” Chen said, “but it’s awesome, it’s really fun, so definitely I would hope to return in the future.” 

Club member Gabriel Thomas enjoyed his time at the aquarium because of the socialization opportunity. 

“I thought the trip was a lot of fun,” Thomas said. “I really liked getting out of class, going out with friends, and mostly hanging out with people I don’t normally hang out with on a day-to-day basis.”