Dr. Brown Kicks Off School Year with Panther Pride


Lynnea Zhang, Editor '19

The new school year has kicked off, and Haven’s new principal Dr. Brown and new assistant principal Mr. Conti are already prepared to bring new change to make Strath Haven an even better community. After Dr. Yannacone’s departure last June, long-time assistant principal, and educator Dr. Kristopher Brown stepped up to fill in as the new head of administration of Strath Haven.


His goals are ambitious, but promising for the entire of the community. When I contacted him with a few questions, his passion for Haven and its community were nothing but genuine. Dr. Brown loves his community and is overjoyed to be able to play an even more integral role in the school. He believes that the students “bring a tremendous energy to school every day and the atmosphere for learning here” at Strath Haven is amazing. There is an incredible amount of enthusiasm and new energy from Dr. Brown, who specifically commented on how the school’s spirit, the enthusiasm of the students, and the enthusiasm of the faculty makes coming in and doing his new job a pleasure every day.


As principal, Dr. Brown already has his mind set on working with student council leadership in pushing forwards a plethora of new school events and programs to encourage and continue a positive school culture and atmosphere throughout the year. He’s pushing for more attention on Twitter, to bring attention to the isolated positive things that happen at Haven every day. There is a new faculty and student recognition program each month to commend students and staff who actively participate in preserving “all the great things that happen at our school.” Dr. Brown is thrilled to be working with the new student council leadership, headed by President Andrew Spangler, and Vice-Presidents Wyeth Hackett and Isabella Pinto, and is excited interact even more with their incredible dedication towards pushing and promoting new student and school life. For anyone who wants their voice heard, the student council or class cabinet, he suggests, is a great way for the student body to get involved in events and activities. Dr. Brown adamantly encourages students to participate, to make sure that each individual voice is heard, and for each student to discover a passion they can motivate themselves towards during their time at Haven. Even if they feel stuck, he promises: “If you are struggling to find the right fit let me know and I’ll give you an assist in the right direction. We could even make a new club or activity! I would like us to provide the highest quality educational experience possible for all of the students.”


Dr. Brown is encouraging teachers to continue to challenge their students in the classroom, as another part of his campaign to preserve the community, but he understands that while he wants to provide support in the classrooms for students, he can’t be everywhere all the time. Despite this, he promises that he will try his best in being a role model for the community, and work his best in carrying the torch from Dr. Yannacone to move Haven in the right direction, to “encourage the positive school culture that we seek and recognize those who contribute to it”, and keep Strath Haven the same school that he and so many others love.


As Mahatma Gandhi once said, “The future depends on what we do in the present.” With a new semester, new year, and a new principal, Haven only has positive things to look forward to.