VIDEO: Coffeehouse returns after hiatus

Students performed at lunchtime concerts for the first time since 2019

Sylvan Prey-Harbaugh '23

Joe Lynch '24, Contributor

Sunlight shone through the library window, dappling the music stands and wooden chairs with a soft, warm light as guitar chords drifted through the previously silent library air once again.

On November 16, during all three lunch blocks, students performed various music for their peers in the library for the first in-person Coffeehouse event since December 12, 2019. Coffeehouse is an event for student musicians to play music of their own selection for an audience of their peers, serving as a unique opportunity for performers to show off their musical talent outside of a larger ensemble. The smaller scale of Coffee House created a more casual and relaxing atmosphere than other Strath Haven music showcases. Members of the audience appreciated the event as a change of pace from the normal routine at lunchtime.

“It was really nice and chill, it’s definitely better than the cafeteria,” sophomore Molly Conallen said.

While Coffee House provided a calmer and quieter environment, it still attracted many spectators, with crowds present during each performance, listening to each song in the varied selection of genres and instruments, and enthusiastically supporting the performers after they finished their shows.

“I thought there would be a lot less people. I love performing in front of crowds, I think it’s so much fun to feel their energy,” performer Violet Abrahamsson said.