Student newspaper of Strath Haven High School

Zoe Likely ‘25

Running for Student Council Officer

“People should vote for me because I’m a very approachable person, and having that in Student Council, where people feel they can go to me to talk about school issues, I can bring it up to the Student Council. I like to also think I make everyone I talk to feel comfortable around me, and comfortable enough that they can say things that they hope to change in this school, so I can advocate for them in that way.

There are two main things I want to focus on. One of them would be focusing on the student voice, because one thing about Strath Haven is they have a lot of student-run clubs. Even though you have teachers who help assist, it really is a student-run thing, and I really just want to help promote that student aspect, so that every student knows that they do have a voice and that what they say and do matters.

The second thing I would say is I want to beautify the school, because by beautifying the school, it helps build everyone’s pride. And that is another thing Strath Haven has a lot of, but we also struggle with because some people don’t take care of the school the way they should.”

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