VIDEO: Pep rally excites students for homecoming game

With inflatable dinosaur costumes and musical chairs, student council led the first all-school pep rally since 2019.

Sylvan Prey-Harbaugh '23, Michelangelo Bellini '24, Alex Pollard '23, and Nate Anderson '23

Mirella DiPalma '24, Contributor

On Friday, October 14, all students and faculty gathered in the gym for a pep rally to close out spirit week. 

Student council officers, including president Aashna Pandey and vice presidents,Ella Grossman and Tyler Debusschere led students in an energetic assembly. 

The homecoming court nominees, Danny McAndrews, Dae Taylor, Kayla Foca, Georgia Gianopolus, Bobby Fooskas, Kenzie Irey, Jason “Chunk” Williams, Nick Cardi, Ben Schmidt, and Dyvne Lee, were welcomed to the center of the rally.

Senior captains and teachers also performed their dances after a number of competitions between students and faculty. 

The homecoming game is tonight, October 14, against Radnor High School.