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The Juice Pod

Here's our 3 star review of the Juice Pod.

Location: 9 minutes from SHHS at 237 Milmont Ave, Folsom 

Hours of operation: Mon. – Sat. 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.; Sun. 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Specialty: Healthy, light food

Rating: 3 stars

With a bustling menu on the chalkboard wall, The Juice Pod Ridley is marketed as a quick stop for a healthy meal. We came looking for a filling lunch meal and, of course, fresh juice. 

The interior is clean, bright, and plant-filled, with hanging light decor fitting for an Instagram photo-op. However, the young, hip energy of the restaurant may be a little over-hyped. Packaged in disposable paper bags, plastic bowls, and given plastic utensils, we expected a little more from The Juice Pod Ridley, which advertises itself as a healthy and locally sourced/environmentally conscious restaurant.

However, the truth ultimately lies in the food. Starting with the Superfood Acai bowl, with toppings spilling over the sides, the bowl had an overpowering taste of peanut butter. The All Star Acai bowl was no different; with a puddle of peanut butter under the toppings of granola and banana, its vanilla protein powder flavor dominated the meal. 

But first, to get to the actual acai, one would have to go through a heap of toppings, which inevitably made a mess falling out of the small bowl. The acai bowls were very filling and, in both cases, could not be finished in one sitting. For the confusing taste and hassle caused by the toppings, it did not make a very good impression and neither did the price. For the Acai bowls, The Juice Pod missed the mark for a meal worth the steep price point of twelve dollars. 

Onto the warmer options, the Margherita Panini was surprisingly delicious. It was the slowest of all the orders to be received, but the wait was well worth it. At first bite, the sandwich was dry, but with the mixture of the gooey melting cheese, the balance in the panini was near perfect. The portion size was also satisfactory for a lunch meal, and the overall experience of the Margherita Panini was delightful. 

Unfortunately, the Lean and Green bowl was the worst out of all four meals, with an unexplainable mix of ingredients that did not taste well together, like a scoop of every non-salad vegetable at a salad bar. The Green Goddess dressing tasted almost exactly like ranch, which was paired with unappetizing raw broccoli and cold, hard edamame. The brown rice underneath the cold vegetables on top was similarly bland and did not mesh well due to its weirdly hot temperature. The texture in the bowl was a mess, which, in addition to the lack of flavor, was not worth the price point of fourteen dollars. 

To finish it off, the staff-recommended Pineapple Mint Juice was a perplexing juice that appeared yellowish-green and had a strong aftertaste of mint. While the menu warned of its green apple, pineapple, and mint ingredients, its sweet taste was appealing to some and overwhelming for others; only order it if you have a sweet tooth and are not afraid of the dominant smell and taste of mint.

Plan your trip accordingly to the Juice Pod Ridley, as it had a hit-or-miss menu that left us a little less than satisfied. Our best tip: come for the panini and juice combo, and leave the smoothie bowls out of it.

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