The inside hoop

Haven Mens’ Basketball on their 2021-22 season


Jack Henry

Varsity basketball forms a line of embracing during the national anthem at the January 27 game versus Marple.

Nuala McHugh, Contributor

Senior Alonzo Ogunde reaches for the ball during the tip off of the January 27 game. (Jack Henry)

The tension was palpable and the heat was on at the Haven men’s basketball Senior Night on February 1. Although the boys left with a close loss against Springfield, the talent and effort displayed on the court had Haven’s parents and student section alike on the edge of their seats.

Some exceptional players who put up big numbers in the Senior Night game were Jack Edwards (#5), Jaden Jauregui (#1), and Alonzo Ogunde (#11). Before the game, the team’s seniors, Ryan Doherty, Matt Shuler, Noa Livingstone, Asher Mansor, Marshall Wenger, Alonzo Ogunde, and Finn Szybist were all celebrated for their contributions to the team in their final year. 

Senior Night is always a bittersweet event, especially for the Panthers’ basketball team, a tight-knit and motivated group of players. Many of this year’s seniors were sad to see their time on the team come to an end but reflected positively on the impact that they made. 

“My favorite part about being a senior is how the younger guys on the team look up to us, and how I’m able to share my experience with them,” senior Alonzo Ogunde said. 

Even as the season came to a close, members of the team voiced how they persevered against the odds. Junior Jaden Jauregui, recently making a comeback from a low ankle sprain, shared his experience with returning from an injury. 

“Once I started to get back into the swing of things, I feel like I have been playing my best,” Jauregui said. “As the season has gone on, I have felt better with every game.” 

Other team members echo Jauregui’s attitude. Even when facing multiple injuries—as well as the pandemic—the players agree that their morale and persistence is what makes the team special. 

“It’s definitely not the season I expected or anyone expected, but we’re keeping our heads up,” Jauregui added. 

Instead of feeling discouraged, the team used this as an opportunity to focus on things other than wins, and acknowledge the camaraderie that makes them so great. 

“Despite the many losses we had as a team, I enjoyed every minute grinding with my guys. Above all, I am glad that I was able to spend time and make good memories with my teammates and coaches that will last forever,” Ogunde said. 

While the season may not have gone as many had hoped, the solidarity and spirit of the team continues to be unmatched. The players worked incredibly hard both on and off the court to make this season great, and their dedication clearly paid off on the scoreboard, at times, with this season including action-packed wins against Penncrest, Ridley, and Holy Ghost Prep. 

With many of the games being close and full of spirit, the energy in the bleachers was always strong and served as a way to bring Haven’s community together even after the excitement of the Fall sports season. As usual, the student section always made sure to show up and show out, bringing their unparalleled support to every game. Roll Panthers!