Summer film recommendations

Some reasons to get back to the movie theatre in summer 2022


Naomi Thallman, Contributor


A highly anticipated Marvel movie where Thor gets fit, finally moves on from Natalie Portman, and gets his Thunder back, hopefully. After literally burying the hatchet on his identity as a warrior god for peace, Thor goes on a journey to find himself, save something or someone, and possibly pick his magical hatchet back up.


A deep dive into a character from “Toy Story,” a childhood classic. Voiced by Chris Evans, the animated children’s action, this comedy movie follows the origin story of Buzz, where he actually has hair. After flying into the future, Buzz becomes stuck in the future on a foreign planet fighting off alien robots.


Tom Cruise is finally back in the cockpit in a sequel fans have been waiting for since 1996. Pete “Maverick” Mitchell is now training Top Gun graduates, a job he never signed up for, to complete a daring flying mission. When he meets the son of his former partner and friend “Goose”, who died during a flight, Mitchell must face the dark fears of his past and find his will to continue the mission.


Do futuristic dinosaur movies ever go out of style? For 30 years the Jurassic Park franchise has been releasing movies on a dinosaur island. Now they are introducing dinosaurs to the continents of the world. The movie hopes to answer the question: will dinosaurs and humans coexist, or will an apex predator have to land on top? By the end of the movie viewers will question why dinosaurs are in the snow, if a motorcycle can outrun a dinosaur, and whether they would survive a dinosaur apocalypse.


Based on the book written by Delia Owens, this on screen adaptation stars Marsh Girl, the marsh, and boats in the marsh. Kya was forced to grow up quickly after being abandoned by her family. Living a lonely life, and still a child at heart, Kya finds solace in her interaction with two men who completely changed her life and heart. Includes a new song from Taylor Swift!


Five assassins on a high speed bullet train keep bumping into each other until they realize they have related missions, a shiny briefcase. Based on a Japanese novel, the dark, comedic R rated thriller shows the complicated life of being an assassin, the violence that comes with the job, and how to not die on a train with assassins.