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A ranking of the Instagrams adorning the name of the school and some concept

Morgan McErlean, Editor

Amongst colleges, universities, and even high schools, various Instagrams adorning the name of the school and some concept–be it sleeping, parking, or even a famous musician–have popped up. At Strath Haven, students have created many such Instagram accounts. This is my definitive ranking.


To be honest, I am not quite sure this fits into the same category as the other Instagrams on this list. However, in my mind, it is a staple on the Strath Haven adjacent Instagram space. As the best Strath Haven Instagram–in my entirely unbiased opinion–

@pharbzofstrathhaven represents the pinnacle of Pharbz (Phoebe Bridgers) content personalized to the Strath Haven experience. 


Affirmation pages are reliable classics and Strath Haven’s is no exception. Its (not-so) daily affirmation posts really provide a bright point in the lives of Strath Haven students who follow this Instagram. I encourage all students to follow this beacon of consistent hope and claim every positive affirmation that comes their way. 


There is not much to say that has not already been said about @shhs_bad_park_job. If anything were to qualify as completely neutral, it would be this page. On the one hand, targeting people’s parking can seem unfair; maybe causing a little bit of anxiety amongst Haven drivers. On the other hand, some people are really bad parkers. 

@shhs_sleeping and @shhsposture

To be honest, both of these are a little boring. There is nothing much else for me to say. Not a fan. 

And, I have no fear of being on @shhsposture.


I am mostly confused by this one. As an alternative to this page, I will suggest @shhs.good.fits.