Sam Milligan talks 2022 baseball season

Our reporter sat down with him to ask Milligan a few questions about his craft.


Kelly Montague

Milligan winds up to throw a pitch.

Aidan McLean, Contributor

A three-sport athlete, junior Sam Milligan is known throughout the school for his game-winning touchdown in the 2021 District 1 5A Football Championship. In addition to this accomplishment, he received All-Delco and state honors in wrestling and baseball. Panther Press reporter Aidan McLean sat down with him to ask him a few questions about his craft, especially in baseball, for which the season just ended.

PANTHER PRESS: What sport is your favorite to play and why?

SAM MILLIGAN: Baseball and football both have big team aspects, which I like, and we’ve been very good the past couple of years at both. We [were] are looking to make a state push at baseball.

PP: Tell me about your most successful season in sports.

SM: I made states in baseball, football, and wrestling, but I guess football was the most recent success for me. We won the district championship and made the state semifinals.

PP: What are your preferred pregame, locker room, and postgame routines in baseball?

SM: For baseball, it’s fun to hang out with the team before, listen to music, and play. And then after, it’s fun to go to Chipotle after a win as a team and celebrate.

PP: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve gained from Coach Fili?

SM: Mr. Fili has told us to focus on what we can control as a team, and it’s helped us, even when we have bad games, to focus on what we can control, and get out of games with Ws.

PP: Do you have any hobbies or interests outside of sports?

SM: I’m on the speech and debate team, as well as class cabinet and the prom committee. But sports are my favorite passion.

PP: What do you see yourself accomplishing in five to ten years?

SM: In five to ten years… wow… uh, winning the Super Bowl. No, I’m kidding. Probably graduating high school and college and getting a job, and probably having some success in college sports.