Reclaiming her sound

Taylor Swift’s latest re-record doesn’t disappoint.


Photo Illustration, Wikimedia Commons

Ella DiBonaventura, Contributor

On November 12, 2021, Taylor Swift released her newest album, “Red (Taylor’s version)”. “Red (Taylor’s version)” was a remake of one of her older albums, “Red,” released in 2012, now including 31 songs and over two hours of music. It contains plenty of new songs that no one had heard before its release, as well as many massive old hits, such as an extended ten-minute version of “All too Well”, “I Knew You Were Trouble”, and “We Are Never Getting Back Together.”

Right away, this album gained a lot of popularity, and it was pretty much the only thing people talked about, charting No. 1 on the Billboard 200. Taylor Swift has now been working on redoing her old albums, redoing her album “Fearless” at the beginning of 2021. “Red (Taylor´s Version)” is currently the second out of the six albums she is remaking. 

The first time I listened to “Red (Taylor´s Version)”, I was walking into my first-period class, hearing a ton of excitement. We spent the beginning of class just listening to the album and sharing our thoughts on it. I heard mostly positive things about the album; it seemed like many people enjoyed it. 

Overall, the album was excellent. I enjoyed listening to her vocals, and I was fond of most of the remakes of her older songs, especially “All Too Well”. I am personally not a huge Taylor Swift fan, but I do appreciate her music, and I think she is a very talented singer and songwriter. Although it was a very long album, I never found myself wanting to skip any of the songs. The genre of the album is pop country, and even though I do not like country music, the album was delightful to listen to. This album shows Taylor Swift is a very versatile artist with her music and a very talented songwriter. 

What this album did well is it kept the original components of her older album, “Red,” while also adding new elements. It was somewhat nostalgic hearing a remake of “Red”. The album really shows how much she has grown to become a better artist. Her most recent albums have been pop music, so hearing her sing country music again is exciting, and shows that she is a diverse singer. 

With so many songs on the album, it is difficult to choose just one favorite. I did like all the songs on the album. However, one of my favorite songs off the album is “Babe”. I loved her vocals on this song, and it was very catchy. Another song I loved was, “Sad Beautiful Tragic.” What made this song exceptional was the astounding lyrics. The lyrics all flowed well and told a story.

My least favorite song on the album was “Stay Stay Stay.”  It was not a terrible song, but it was inferior to the other songs on the album, as it sounded repetitive. 

Overall, this was an exceptional album. If you have time, I recommend listening to it.