Positivity after a loss

The Ultimate Frisbee team starts off their season with a loss, but they are not disheartened.


Julia Gray

Junior Joe Lynch huddles with his team before the game begins.

Julia Gray '23, Editor-in-chief

The Strath Haven Varsity Boys Ultimate Frisbee team had the first game of their season on Thursday, Oct. 6, losing 15-9 against Radnor High School. 

Len Margargee, head coach of the team, is not discouraged by the loss, however. 

“I’ve been coaching since 2017,” Margargee said. “The first game of the season, I think we’ve lost every single year. We play more for the long haul.”

He explained that he coaches to see improvement. 

“There is a big tournament at the end of May, the state championship, and so that’s what we are really working towards.” 

“There are a lot of things to improve upon as a team and as a player,” said senior and captain Andy Zeng. 

Zeng explained the game was an “ego check.” “I think it’s good to go off on a loss in the first game,” he said.

Despite the loss, the team is positive.

“We had a couple of really nice defenses out there in the middle, they played a zone defense against us a lot, and we really haven’t practiced it. The one time we did beat the zone, it was a really nice play,” Margargee said. 

A few players stood out to the coach. Margargee commended Andy Zeng, Wyatt Staley-Bischoff, Andrew Mennig, and Hugo Rodgers for their performance. 

The next Varsity Boys Ultimate Frisbee game will be on Thursday, Oct. 13, 2022, against Harriton High School.