Expanded schedule expected for International Day

International Day offers an opportunity for the community to be included in each other’s cultures.


Dahlia Kuzemka '22

The performers and organizers of the 2023 International Day celebration gather for a photo at the conclusion of the second presentation.

Bailey Hansen '24, Contributor

2023 marks the second year of International Day. This year’s event will expand on the activities and performances from 2022.

International Day was previously a day when students could wear clothes associated with their culture and attend a lively assembly. However,  this year International Day will become a day where members of the community–not just the high school–can come together and be engaged in multiple cultures. 

For the first time ever, there will be a cultural fair on March 23 from 6-8 p.m. in the grand hall of the high school. The cultural fair is a community-wide event and will include food and games.

Additionally, the fair will have several tables lining the grand hall. Each table will have its own activity that represents different cultures. On the following day, there will be an assembly for students to showcase their culture. This assembly will have a fashion show and other events to look forward to. 

Junior Martha Mboowa advocated for the excitement received during last year’s assembly. And with this excitement comes anticipation. 

“I really loved what they did with International Day last year and am really excited to see what changes are being made this year,” Mboowa said.

The preparations that have been made can be described as nothing less than extraordinary. International Day presents more than just a chance to inform the students. Faculty advisor Pamela Kaneda explains that International Day offers a chance for students to show their talent.

“It’s another opportunity for students to showcase talent that would otherwise go unnoticed,” Kaneda said.   

International Day also offers an opportunity for the community to be included in each other’s cultures, expanding the community’s sense of diversity. 

Senior student council president Aashna Pandey and senior Dyvne’ Lee are working together to coordinate the high school’s contribution to the day. 

“We want it to not only be a cool experience but also something that resonates with the person who’s watching,” Pandey said. “Something that touches you and makes you encouraged to talk about the diversity in your own life.”