Legally Blonde Cast and Crew Prep Enthusiastically for Upcoming Shows

Strath Haven Theatre embraces the unique energy of this pop culture phenomenon with everything from jumping rope to walking dogs.


Will Garrett, Staff Writer

After the emotionally-charging performance of the fall drama The Laramie Project, the Strath Haven Theatre Department plan to begin March with a bang: Legally Blonde has been chosen as this year’s spring musical. A Tony nominated Broadway show and 2000s classic that sits up with Mean Girls and Bring It On as some of the most beloved movies of that time, Legally Blonde is a classic that is sure to impress. This high energy show is exciting, hilarious, and not something you would want to miss out on.

Senior Julia Thack will star as the leading Elle Woods, a UCLA Sorority President turned successful Harvard Law School graduate. She plays across from senior Chris Dahlke, her tutor and friend Emmet Forest. Other cast members include…

“We’re so excited to bring this heartfelt, exciting, and feel good show to the WSSD community,” Thack said. “The cast and crew have worked so hard to bring the important lessons of acceptance to the stage.” The show is an endless energy extravaganza, unlike last year’s Les Misérables, but still filled to the brim with the same amount of talent, emotion, and expertise the whole department brings. Lively dance numbers like Bend And Snap and What You Want break up captivating emotional scenes, and the use of jump ropes in Whipped Into Shape has been a workout for everyone in the number. The show also has its fair share of uplifting songs like So Much Better and Legally Blonde.

Whether you are a diehard for the Strath Haven’s Theatre Department’s performances or have never seen one in your life, everyone is invited to come out and experience these energy filled performances (and yes, there will be a dog). The production team is going out of their way to create lively sets and costumes for each moment in the show. All in all, this year’s show is going to be a sight to see. As said by sophomore and ensemble member Julia Starnowski “Legally blonde is going to be blast! Everyone should come to see it!” The show runs March 1, 2, 3, 9, 10 with shows at 7:30pm. Tickets can be purchased at the door.