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Laura Shea ‘24

Running for Student Council Officer

“I think I’m uniquely qualified to be vice president because I’m in leadership roles, and I have a lot of experience with them. I was captain of the soccer team last year, and that gave me a lot of experience with planning events, so I think that gave me practice with the skills that are necessary for vice president. I’m also involved with tons in our school. I do sports and I’m in a ton of clubs, so I think that gives me a lot of connections with people and the ability to hear their opinions.

One of my goals is to really better our school spirit. One thing I’d suggest in implementing this would be the pep rallies. Also incentivizing attendance to events like sports games, fundraisers, and performances by also giving awards to people who attend the most things. Just so people are more motivated to go, but I want to get a ton of people at all types of events.

I also want to help extracurriculars have extra support. One of my ideas is to have fundraisers Friday, where every Friday, sports teams or clubs could have some fundraisers 5th block so that everyone knows to bring your money on Friday to help bring more attention to the fundraisers.”

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