Holiday Crossword

Holiday 2022 crossword, including answers

Kaia Smith '25, Contributor



  1. Singer Michael whose name sounds like a carbonated drink
  2. Home Alone robbers used this food as a cover to scope out the McAllister home
  3. Jewish chocolate coin often given to kids during Hanukkah
  4. Viscum album common name
  5. Candy and toys are left here for children during Three Kings Day
  6. With 16 down
  7. A Christmas carol
  8. The bullied reindeer
  9. When licked, this holiday sweet can be rather sharp
  10. Jovial
  11. Calendar that should be opened not read


  1. Ryan who appears on television during New Years’ Eve
  2. Acronym for the organization running the major tournament newly finishing around the holidays
  3. Entry point for Santa Claus
  4. Garment worn during the holidays, not for flattering purposes
  5. Italian tradition where people eat seven of these on December 24th
  6. A British holiday classic with Emma Thompson
  7. Silver decorations often found on Christmas trees
  8. “I made it out of clay”
  9. Film technique used to make Will Ferrell large in the movie Elf with 14 across
  10. What a snowman might use to smell
  11. Frozen pellets that could make a winter walk dangerous


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