Haven Welcomes New Assistant Principal, Mr. Conti

Alaina McConnell, Staff Writer

It’s the start of a new school year, but this time the freshmen aren’t the only ones getting to know the school. Mr. Conti, Strath Haven’s new assistant principal, is also learning his way around. He will be taking the place of Dr. Brown, who was promoted to principal after the resignation of Dr. Yannacone at the end of the 2017-2018 school year.

Prior to coming to Strath Haven, Mr. Conti worked as an assistant principal at Interboro High School, but he wasn’t always an administrator.

“I taught at Chichester High School. I was a social studies teacher. I loved teaching, but administration is more my calling,” he said. “I wanted to play a larger role in the school environment.”

As for his first impression of Strath Haven, Mr. Conti says that he’s surprised at how quickly the students have accepted him. “It felt very welcoming,” he said.

As an assistant principal here at Strath Haven, Mr. Conti will be in charge of school climate and culture, scheduling, and coordinating the Keystone exams. He is also the 10th grade supervisor. He seems to be feeling positive about the school year, and his goal is to “help with any needs of the district.”

Outside of school, Mr. Conti enjoys spending time with his children, rugby, and riding his motorcycle.

“I like to ride my motorcycle. Especially on a day like today,” he says in reference to the overcast Monday afternoon.

Something Mr. Conti has learned through his years in education and administration is that some people have more advantages than others.

“As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned that not everyone starts out in life on an equal playing field,” he says. “Some definitely have it tougher than others.”

Haven welcomes you, Mr. Conti.