Haven transitions to Schoology, saying goodbye to Google Classroom

A learning management system will be adopted next year, connecting online assignments directly to gradebooks through the Powerschool owned service, Schoology.



Yash Singh '23, Contributor

Wallingford Swarthmore School District’s school board recently approved the investment of over $49 thousand dollars in initial costs for a new learning management system, according to the February 27 school board minutes.

The school is switching from Google Classroom to Schoology, which is expected to provide a more streamlined and efficient experience for both teachers and students

The change in platforms is expected to take place in January 2024.

Schoology provides a centralized location for teachers to manage course materials, attendance, and grades. 

“Google Classroom is not a learning management system,”  Assistant Superintendent Dr. James Conley said. “Schoology is going to provide more interaction with teachers, parents, and community members.” 

Google Classroom does not feature any student discussion boards and it does not enable teachers to design new content within the tool, which is why it is not considered a learning management system.

Schoology is designed to provide a more interactive and engaging learning environment for students, according to Conley, and it offers features such as course management, collaboration tools, and advanced analytics.

It gives teachers access to student information such as class schedules and transcripts all from one site, eliminating the need for teachers to switch between multiple systems to manage their classes and access student information through PowerSchool.

Schoology also allows teachers to directly upload grades to PowerSchool, eliminating the hassle of copying grades from assignments to the grading platform, according to Conley.

“When Schoology comes into effect next January, everyone’s schedule will be populated, and you will not need to invite people to classes,”  Conley said. 

This will make it easier for teachers and students to manage their schedules and access the content they need to be successful in their classes.

To ensure a smooth transition, the school is planning training sessions for teachers. One teacher from each department will be selected to attend these sessions and will be trained on how to use Schoology. These teachers will then be required to teach their colleagues in the department how to use the new system.

While this change will take some getting used to, the administration believes that the benefits of switching to Schoology outweigh any initial challenges. With consistent training and support, teachers should be able to use the new system effectively.

The switch to Schoology is not without cost. In addition to the initial costs, the board has approved over $24 thousand dollars in annual ongoing subscription and professional development costs.

However, the school sees this as a necessary investment in improving the educational experience for its students.

“Look at Delaware County, for example,” Conley said. “Every other school has a learning management system.” 

By adopting Schoology, the Strath Haven School District will be joining a growing community of schools that are using learning management systems to enhance the learning experience for teachers and students, according to Conley.

Students should expect to receive more information about the transition from their teachers soon. While it may take some time to adjust to the new system, Conley said the school is committed to making the transition as smooth as possible.