February Crossword

Kaia Smith '25, Contributor


2. Split before a much needed haircut

4. Initialism of government agency likely to be in an action movie

5. Current day Constantinople

10. The Katniss Everdeen of love

11. Childish Gambino’s surname

12. Sob like a willow

14. Shape a shrub or sheep

15. Schrödinger’s pet of choice

17. Jerry’s eponymous 90s sitcom

19. Trite

20. Like a fox


1. The “D” in the ED of college applications

3. “It is the east, and Juliet is the ___”

4. Two words: junction of UT, CO, AZ, and NM

6. Console that sounds like a French yes

7. Illegal seizure of power, for short

8. Broken body part in theater language

9. Anatomically incorrect shape

13. Overjoyed

16. What a little star might do

18. Speak of the ___


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