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Dr. Greg Hilden • Macaroons

Not a huge cookie person? Try these.

Dr. Greg Hilden


What is your favorite recipe?

I have a lot of favorites, but I would have to say that this time of year, my favorite is holiday cookies. I am a huge cookie person, and I always this time of year think of my mom’s macaroons. I used to sneak into the cabinet when I was a kid to get some, they are my absolute favorite. 

What does this recipe mean to you?

It reminds me of growing up, and all of the fun associated with this time of year. 

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REVIEW • prepared by Ms. Plows

Julia Gray

Overall, Dr. Hilden’s coconut macaroon recipe was extremely enjoyable. The coconut flavor was definitely the focal point of the dish, however it didn’t overpower the texture. They were hard on the outside, but had a soft, soothing interior. The dish is also very versatile, as we could see the macaroons being dipped in chocolate or some other sauce to change up the flavor profile. They are small enough to have in one bite, or a few if you’re hungry!

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