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Mr. Nick Pignataro • Cuddruriaddri

It's literally fried potato dough.

Mr. Nick Pignataro


What is your favorite recipe?

My favorite thing to make is this very strange and really unique local fried dough from the top of the mountain in my family’s hometown in Southern Italy. It’s not even Italian, it’s Cuddruriaddri. It’s literally fried potato dough. You mix mashed potatoes, flour, put it in a frying pan, and there you go. 

What does this recipe mean to you?

I don’t know of any other family, not even Italian-American families, but Italian families that do this. I think it is really specific to my family’s 3000 population town at the top of this mountain. 

Recipe Link 

REVIEW • prepared by Julia Gray

Matteo Ventresca, Elise Molloy  

Although the fried dough we tasted wasn’t made with authentic Italian ingredients, like Mr. Pignataro’s favorite dish, it was presented similarly. These fried dough rings were well-cooked and shaped. It had a balanced amount of air inside the dough, which means that the dough rose very well. Even though the dough wasn’t perfectly round, the uneven sides and air bubbles added texture to the dough that you can’t get in Italy. One critique we would give this dish is that there was too much oil. It was greasier than expected and the oil made it saltier. Overall, we would give this a 7/10. Thank you Mr. Pignataro!



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