April Crossword


Kaia Smith '25, Contributor


2. Fairness in a courtroom

4. “If you don’t stop and look around once and a while, you’ll miss it”

8. 1 down as a larva

9. An insect and the world’s second-most popular sport

11. Location of the 2016 Olympics, for short

12. Without further ___

13. Nickname for the UK’s withdrawal from the EU

14. The type of comedy of Rock and Hart

17. Vanity, though Jane Austen wrote that they aren’t synonyms

18. Marvel movie that our school’s mascot could represent

20. Necessary pencil number for exams

21. Sacred ninth Islamic month


1. Kendrick’s To Pimp a _____

3. The makeup of a picnic basket

5. The sour athleisure brand

6. The president’s address?

7. Like flowers or perfume

10. Describing fries with many toppings or the very wealthy

15. Limb

16. Backstreet Boys “I want it……”

19. The dry erase marker of blackboard

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