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Welcome to the Panther Press

Anna Jaoudi ’15

Online and Detours Editor

     Welcome to the online edition of the Panther Press! I am honored to be your online editor as we launch this new medium for the Panther Press.

     Let me assure you that our new site is in no way a replacement or a signification of the decline of our beautiful print edition. We will still awkwardly barge in to your fourth block classroom, a stack in hand, so you can read the paper instead of paying attention in class. We value this.

    It’s been too many times that people have asked me, “Why are you going into a dying field?” If there’s one thing journos dislike, it’s the fact that many people think that just because your news isn’t dropped off on your doorstep at 5 am every morning, printed in black ink on grey paper, there is suddenly no more news. This couldn’t be any more unrealistic. In fact, with the development of multimedia platforms accessible by the public, the need for accurate and objective news is ever increasing. With a website, the Panther Press isn’t dying, rather now we will have the power to get the news to you within minutes of its occurrence. This is something we don’t want the staff writers at the Press to miss out on: the ability to learn how to write and deliver breaking news right after it happens, instead of weeks after.

     Ok, so we realize people most likely won’t go on the computer just to check Most of you may never visit this site again. We want to just have this as a resource available to you when you need it.

     That being said, this site will first and foremost be here to allow easy and quick access of articles written by the students, for the students. We have also employed a staff photographer this year, Sierra Matika, who will be taking tons of pictures that will appear on this site in feature galleries. As soon as winter sports commence, we will work on having live sports updates and schedules available to you. Plus, we aspire to having polls, Twitter feeds, and videos, so you can make your voice heard even if you aren’t a member of the Press.

     Thanks again for reading the Panther Press. We as the editorial board work very hard to making it a valuable resource to you while displaying the thoughts of the student body that we continue to cherish.

-Anna Jaoudi

Detours Editor and Online Editor

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