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With Finals Over, Let’s Talk About That Schedule

Abby Loiselle, '19, Editor

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As soon as students return to school after winter break comes to a close, there is one thing circling everyone’s mind: finals. The six letter word ensures an increased heart rate and an overwhelming sense of doom. For many, the question is how long they plan to study for each class and how to best prioritize the past three months of material. However, for the large majority of high school students, myself included, the most important question is for how long one can procrastinate studying. This year, the change in Strath Haven’s schedule has made it easier for procrastinators to hold off on studying, but even for those who like to get everything done early, the later date doesn’t offer much benefit.

Typically at Strath Haven, fall semester finals land in the week following Martin Luther King Jr. weekend. This year, instead of being on the Thursday and Friday of that week, finals have been pushed back to Monday and Tuesday of the following week. This change was made by the department chairpersons after reviewing the following year’s schedule with the administrative team. Dr. Yannacone stated, “For the scheduling of winter finals, we consider the total number of in- structional days in each semester, the location of any holidays, such as Martin Luther King, the timing of Keystone exams, and the require- ment of senior grades to be sent to colleges by January 31.”

However, in my opinion, the major problem following the change in dates is how the students will switch to their new schedules once finals are completed. In previous years, by having finals on Thursday and Friday, the schedule left the following Monday as a makeup day, creating a three day weekend to everyone who finished finals on Friday. The long weekend allowed each student a chance to breathe and relax after a long semester and a grueling amount of studying. However, by moving the date to a Monday and Tuesday, students now only have Wednesday off, and for those who have to take a makeup test, there is no break between testing and starting all new classes. The previous schedule allotted time to Strath Haven students to regroup before starting the new semester, something that a lot of colleges and other high schools have over winter break. Since we don’t take finals until January, there is only one weekend that students have no homework and nothing to worry about, and this is rare for any high school student to encounter. It seems that every school day and weekend is always accompanied by an endless amount of homework.

There needs to be more time between finals and starting all new classes that will ensure homework on the first day. During finals, students typically ensure an increased amount of stress. According to Georgetown University, the symptoms of finals stress can be anything from impatience and frustration to constant migraines, back and stomach problems, and increased amounts of panic, often leading to anxiety attacks. While this may not be common for all students, most will agree that it is a highly stressful time of the school year. By giving only one day of break in between this immense load of work, students aren’t given the proper mental break they should be allotted. Overall, the change in scheduling does not benefit the stu- dents and should be changed back to the previous years’ schedule.

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With Finals Over, Let’s Talk About That Schedule