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Cast of Les Mis Looking Forward to a Spectacular Opening Night

Will Garrett, Evelyn Blanchette, '21, Staff Writers

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This February, Strath Haven High School prepares to put on their production of Les Miserables, the tale of Jean Valjean, a french convict who is searching redemption for the things he has done, struggling to survive in the years leading up to and after the June Rebellion of 1832. Valjean, played by Senior Simon Shankweiler, faces many different challenges and struggles, and all those stories accumulate into this beautiful and melancholy musical. Shankweiler takes on this behemoth of show, and all one can do is sit back and watch the magic flow. Junior Sabrina Caputo plays one of the lead characters, Éponine. She explained, “Don’t let the fact that it’s an opera turn you away. It’s funny, sad, and you will probably end up crying”. Productions of this famous show are done worldwide, winning best musical in its original run on Broadway in 1987, and still per- formed today. If Sweeney Todd and Rent have taught us anything, it is that you should rest assured that this show will be a   spectacle to watch on stage. The cast has been working extremely hard to make this play as memorable as those before it, including a seven hour rehearsal on MLK day as well as daily two to three hour practices since early December. When asked about his thoughts towards the play itself, junior Tommy Bennett responded, “Typically, I am someone who prefers dancing over singing and this is the type of play in which you sing every word you say. Even then, it’s still an amazing show that really relates to the current political climate. It’s a show that makes you think”. The show opens February 24th, and runs on February 25th, March 3rd and March 4th. It will be a 7:30 pm show on all the days. Please come and support our music department and the students participating in this wonderful show!

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Cast of Les Mis Looking Forward to a Spectacular Opening Night