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NPAA vs. School Teams: A Whole Different Ball Game

Ian Guilday, '19, Staff Writer

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NPAA vs. School Teams: A Whole Different Ball Game

It is the height of basketball season, which means from all over the Wallingford-Swarthmore area are competing in a sport near and dear to so many hearts. Many kids in this area compete in the Nether-Swarthmore League, otherwise known as NPAA, while others who are considered the “cream of the crop” are participating on the official Strath Haven High School basketball teams. These teams include the Freshman team, the Junior Varsity (JV), and the Varsity team. As one of the top basketball players in the junior class, I recently interviewed Jakub Naum, also known as Kuba. As a freshman and sophomore, Kuba played for the school team, making his way from the Freshman team to JV. This season, Kuba has become a member of NPAA. Having played on both sides, Kuba is crucial when it comes to understanding the atmospheres of both leagues, making him the perfect subject for this interview


  1. In your personal opinion, do you prefer NPAA or playing on the school team?
    1. I prefer NPAA because I feel more comfortable and tend to have a more enjoyable time when compared to school basketball. Playing time is also more evenly dispersed amongst the players when it comes to NPAA which is awesome.
  2. Describe the team chemistry commonly found in both leagues…basically does one team get along more than the other?
    1. I think that in both leagues people generally get along. The school team consumes a lot of your time so evidently you’ll be spending a lot more time with those kids you see at practice every day, compared to the ones at NPAA’s once a week open gym. With that in mind, I’d say that the chemistry on the school team is better than on an NPAA team.
  3. Describe the game time atmosphere for school and NPAA
    1. Both can get pretty intense, especially since in NPAA, you’re competing against your friends. It’s always getting personal (but in a good way). It’s a different sort of intensity when it comes to school ball. For school it’s less personal, and more intense in the sense that you want to because you want to uphold the school’s reputation.
  4. What do you think of the school team’s performance thus far?
    1. I’m sorry to say this, but I haven’t been following the school team too heavily this season, but having worked with Coach Spangler, I have confidence that his teams will have great results for years to come.
  5. Would you encourage other players to switch from one league to the other?
    1. If you’re talented enough and don’t mind putting in the hours of work, school basketball can be a great experience. NPAA is fun, but if you seriously want to improve and play a lot of basketball, I’d recommend playing for the school. Plus, NPAA isn’t something you can put on a college application, whereas “Varsity Basketball Player” is something that would give your application a little extra pizzazz.

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NPAA vs. School Teams: A Whole Different Ball Game