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Philly Artists You’ve Got to Listen To

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Santigold is a niche artist who manages to splice together electronic music with indie rock seamlessly, accompanying her dark and heavy vocals. Santi White grew up in inner-city Philadelphia before moving on to majoring in African-American studies and Music at Wesleyan University. Since 2008, Santigold has provided us music with aggressive electro-rock instrumental with tactically hazy vocals, commanding the two to work together in harmony. Give her song “Disparate Youth” a listen if your interest has been piqued at all.


The indie pop masterminds behind “Down,” Marian Hill is a duo composed of Samantha Gongol and Jeremy Lloyd, both hailing from Haverford, Pennsylvania. Coming from humble beginnings, their 2016 album debut, ACT ONE featured rapper Big Sean and Fifth Harmony’s Lauren Jauregui on two separate tracks, showing just how much their name has grown. “Down” was featured in an apple commercial for their wireless earpods, garnering an influx of shazams for the song and a greater sense of recognition. Their music utilizes sharp cuts and precise and purposeful beats to create rhythm-focused music that challenges modern pop. Listen to “Wild” or “One Time” if you want to see what it is all about.


Cayetana is a lo-fi punk rock trio of girls from Philly under their own record label, who had no formal training on any of their instruments. Members Kelly Olsen, Allegra Anka and Augusta Koch channel their left-of-center styles into their music to create light rock music you could headbang to, or put on before a post-school nap. As time has gone on, their music has gone on to highlight mental illness an increasing amount. May of 2017 saw the release of their second album, New Kind of Normal, chock full of rebelliously relaxing rock music. Give “Mesa” or “Phonics Failed Me” a listen.


Modern Baseball formed in 2012 at Drexel University when high school buddies Brendan Lukens and Jake Ewald met Sean Huber and Ian Farmer. Modern Baseball is a band that’s recently broken up, but no worries! Their frontman Jake Ewald is working with bandmate Ian Farmer to release a second album under a different name, Slaughter Beach, Dog. The band took issue with the fact that the album’s were being changed more and more in the production process, leading to an  indefinite hiatus last February and their split in October of 2017. Modern Baseball’s four albums consist of lyrically-charged indie rock music that falls in line with Cayetana’s style of music. Give “Hours Outside in the Snow” or “Fine, Great” a listen if you are into this type of music.

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Philly Artists You’ve Got to Listen To