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Nicole Raimo, '18, Staff Writer

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Jiaozi, a band at Strath Haven that is made up of four talented seniors, is releasing their
music onto streaming services Spotify and SoundCloud this December. Kevin Stabinski, Kyle
Nurz, Emma Lee, and Reid Rothman have been preparing this album since the summer. Kevin,
Emma, and Reid sing while Reid and Kyle play the guitar. Kevin does all of the production and
comes up with most of the ideas for the tracks, but thinks that “many times, it’s a collective
effort for what should happen in a track.”
The name Jiaozi, which is a type of dumpling, was decided by Kevin back in his
freshman year. However, he was inspired to produce music when he was in seventh grade after
learning about a software called “FL Studio.” He creates electronic music and says that after
finding this software, using it has “been a hobby ever since.” Kevin and Kyle have worked on
music together since Middle School.
In terms of songwriting, Kevin and Emma are both inspired by their own lives and those
around them. Reid says that “we either have extremely productive sessions where we just try out
some lyrics or sounds but the other half of the time we just laugh.” However, this process is not
always easy. When they are stuck on a track, Kevin says that he usually will “turn off my
computer for a while and do something else to clear my mind.” Similarly, Emma says that when
she is having trouble she will “go on a walk or sit in the Swarthmore woods to think.” It is clear
that they always figure out a way to be successful.
In the future, all of the band members want to pursue music somehow. Although college
is approaching, Emma states that “as a band, we’ll make sure to find a way to keep what we have

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