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The Incredible Collaboration Behind Haven’s Little Women

Maddie Marks, '19, co-Editor-in-Chief

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This past November, Strath Haven prepared and performed the classic tale Little Women for the WSSD community. This play, which follows the story of young sisters Jo, Amy, Meg, and Beth as they grow up, was executed skillfully by all of those involved. However, when we as an audience sit down for a couple of hours to enjoy the show, what we are not seeing is the excessive amount of work leading up to the performances that was put in by actors, directors, makeup, costume, stage, and tech crew alike. Each of these groups contributed effort valuable beyond words, and the collaboration of all of these talented people is what brought Little Women to life from the pages
of its script.

“I’m so thankful I was given the opportunity to develop the character Meg on stage,” said junior Sabrina Caputo. “Mrs. Pietrzak always says, ‘It’s a privilege to tell the story,’ and it really is.” While everyone working on the play is connecting with the tale being told, the relationship that the actors have with the storyline can be considered the most intimate. To turn a character from a two-dimensional figure into a moving and feeling person is a huge responsibility, and one that takes
an enormous amount of work. But beyond that, this transformation is a wonderfully rewarding experience for the actors. “Especially in this show, which is so centered around family relationship, I really felt new connections form and I love to develop those on stage,” according to Sabrina. Sophomore Alexia Alvarez also commented, “My favorite part of being in the drama was getting to be a part of something bigger than myself and learning how to improve as an actress.” For the actors, there is pressure in knowing that their work is what the audience will see most easily. But this pressure gives them a tremendous opportunity to improve their skills in both their craft and their ability to work with others. Alexia added that “We wouldn’t have had a show without all of the people who put so much work into it.” Though the audience sees the actors most immediately, while they are watching, they are also looking at the handiwork of tons of other people. Lindsay
Belliveau, a junior and a head of Strath Haven’s makeup crew, said, “Makeup crew honestly just gives you a place to be yourself and to be involved with a project that is always truly amazing. It gets crazy sometimes, but the craziness is so much fun!”

Makeup crew is the beating heart behind the wonderful hair and makeup looks that grace the stage. They work to give more personality to the characters (and accentuate features washed out by stage lights). But makeup crew also gives members a chance to bond with people they never would have bonded with before – and, according to Lindsay, over a favorite hobby. Often times, we as an audience take the set, lights, and sound for granted in a production because of how seamlessly they fit into the atmosphere of the show. However, no show is possible without the work put in behind
the scenes by the tech and stage crew. Rachel Sherman, a junior and tech crew member, said, “We pride ourselves on great communication, and hours dedicated to doing ‘tech runs’, which are just us running through the technical aspects [of the show] without the acting in between.” From the very  beginning of putting on the show, which involved building Little Women’s realistic and welcoming home from the ground up, to the very end, when the lights go down on the stage on closing night, tech and stage crew are working hours, days, and even weeks to tie the entire theater experience
together and put on a great show for the audience.

One person cannot put on a show alone. Little Women wouldn’t have been possible without the contributions from all of the different groups involved. Thank you to everyone who participated
for a wonderful theater experience.

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The Incredible Collaboration Behind Haven’s Little Women