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Bonjour to the French Exchange

Abby Loiselle, '19, Editor

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On Monday October 16th, 30+ Strath Haven students waited anxiously at the international
arrivals gate at the Philadelphia International Airport for their french exchange student to arrive. Standing with signs and buzzing with the excitement of the next two weeks, all of the students talked about all of the things they were going to show their french exchange student when they arrived. However, many of them had been planning for months, even with the help of their student. After signing up for the trip in fall of last year, Strath Haven students received their information about their French exchange student late this summer. Since then, many had been communicating over social media, email, or texting.

When asked about her initial thoughts on the exchange, junior Lindsey Kung responded, “I was really nervous about the whole thing when I first signed up, but now I ‘m really happy I did it. It’s been really fun so far and I’ll be sad to see all the French students go!”. This opinion has been popular, with many students sharing the same experience. While here, the French exchange students spent a day in Philadelphia, Washington D.C, and New York. All of these trips without the hosts, much to the hosts’ dismay. To continue adding to the list, they have seen the huge and “extremely American” marching band play, followed their hosts through their daily life at Strath Haven, and presented their projects about French culture to students at the high school. “I think that the best part of the exchange is the opportunity for French students at Strath Haven to make a connection with someone from a different culture that may last beyond high school.” said Madame Stadnicki, one of the main coordinators of the trip.

“It’s a great learning experience and I feel like my French has improved tremendously. Getting to see the culture differences between the daily life of an American teenager to a french teenager is really interesting” says junior Elisha Sidhu. When asked what they thought about life in Wallingford, they explained how life at Strath Haven is a lot different than at their school, from rules to clothes to their average schedule. “School  feels very short here. Usually, we don’t get home until 6:00 pm, and that’s only if you live close to the school” says Marie Rondeaux, one of the French exchange students here from Vannes. She went on to talk about how relaxed Strath Haven school policies are. While both the French student’s school, Lycée Lesage, and Strath Haven may be public schools, it turns out that the dress code rules are a lot less strict here than in France. “We aren’t allowed to wear sweatpants at the school. We may be allowed to wear them in school, but teachers will refuse to let you in if you wear them”. To say the least, they really enjoy the rules here and find American life much more comfortable. So, after two weeks of bonding over Nifty Fifties to picking apples at Livilla to spending Friday nights at the football games, it’s hard to watch the Frenchies go. Until spring break, au revoir!

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Bonjour to the French Exchange