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Clancy’s 300th Win

Abby Loiselle, '19, Editor

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With seven seconds left in the game, Emmett Young’s field goal brought the entire football team onto the field as they celebrated not only winning a playoff game, but helping Coach Clancy to achieve his 300th win as a high school football coach. “The way we won meant a lot of me”, Coach Clancy says, “being a playoff game, it was a big deal to us. It was one of the major goals of the season.” Coach Clancy, who has been coaching at Strath Haven since 1991, has made a big impact on the football program at the high school. Prior to 1991, he had been teaching at Archbishop Carroll, his own alma mater, for nine years. Since then, he has led Haven’s football team to two state championship titles and multiple district playoff games.

When asked what this 300th win means to him, Coach Clancy didn’t hesitate to answer with a laugh, “It means I’ve been around a long time!” He continued by saying, “But honestly, the people mean more to me than anything”. The players feel the same way about their coach and team. Junior Perry Sosi says, “Coach Clancy always preaches to us the things that he knows will help us win. He’s inspiring and pours his heart into the program and he puts a lot of effort into doing the best he can to lead the team to success”. Coach Clancy explained that he always tries to tell the team to keep grinding and putting your feet forward. The most important part of the sport that he wants his team to remember is being optimistic. He believes it will get a player so much farther than just talent and skill.

The question that took Coach Clancy the longest to answer was what his fondest memory of being a football coach was. He explained that every game has a great memory, and no one is better than the other. He believes that the people are really the best part, and he can’t rank anyone because every person has meant so much to him over these past 26 years. Overall, something that has been really important to him as a coach was his 300th win. Being surrounded by his players, friends and family, fellow faculty, and everyone cheering on his team made it a night that he says he will always remember.

At the Turkey Bowl this year, Coach Clancy was honored in front of the school for his 300th win. After presenting him with a gift to show the school’s appreciation to his hard work and dedication, Dr. Yannacone extended the appreciation of everyone at the school by saying, “Very few coaches are able to accomplish this, even though he is very unlikely to take full credit for the football team’s success”. This is completely true as he explained that it is all in the heart of the team. He praised all of his players, saying that each of them brought something to the team, both this year and in years past, that helped the team to win each of those 300 games. He acknowledges that he had coached players who had gone on to play in the NFL and at top ranked football colleges, but there are so many other people he has gotten to coach who put in the same effort and mean just as much to the team as those who continued to play after high school.

Looking forward, Coach Clancy says that the biggest challenge the team faces is increasing their numbers. “They are as low as they’ve ever been, but if we get ten more kids out then I think we can really increase our strength”. Understanding the issues surrounding the sport right now in terms of safety concerns, Coach Clancy still feels optimistic that the team can greatly improve if they start to match the number of players that the larger schools have. However, even with low numbers, Coach Clancy says he was very happy with the way that the team performed this year and is excited to go into the next season with a strong team.

Congratulations to the football team on a great season and to Coach Clancy on his 300th career win!

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Clancy’s 300th Win