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Leditor: Welcome Back!

Hendrick Xiong-Calmes, '18, co-Editor-in-Chief

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Dear Readers,

It is with much pride that I am able to say that this is the first edition of the newspaper for the 2017-2018 school year. This year being my third and final year as a writer for the school newspaper, it is pretty bittersweet to that this is my last September edition here at Strath Haven.

With the return of the school year comes the glorious end of preseason, and a great weight off of all school athletes’ as they prepare for the omnipresent balancing of academics and athletics. Personally, I am more than glad to stop checking my email for schedule changes and am ready to just go to cross country practice after fifth block is over. But that aside, I truly am excited for the start of my senior year. I have dealt with the social downfalls of being an underclassman and the standardized testing that goes along with being a junior, and now I can finally stress over where I want to be for the next four years as a senior. But I have grown and learned a significant amount over these past few years, and I am more than happy to say that I am to continue learning and growing as a senior. After three years of being in the school, I have been able to truly realize how accessible opportunities are in this school. If I have an issue or an idea, a trusted teacher or our principal is more than eager to listen to us as we voice our concerns, and love to listen to our ideas, regardless of their feasibility. Strath Haven is a hub for ideas, and I see it every day when I walk through the halls. The gazebo showcases interior design projects and glass cases are filled with student artwork to display this. Now in my senior year, I am more than ready to collaborate and grow with my teachers as I have finally realized how accessible they all are to me. Such an important part of our education is learning to work and coexist with the people around us in a way that promotes growth and positivity. This has to be the focus of our education sometimes, rather than red numerical units in the upper right hand corner of a piece of computer paper.

If I have any fraction of advice to give to my underclassman peers, it is that I hope you attend school with an open mind. It is without doubt that there will be many days where you would much rather be catching up on lost sleep due to last night’s chemistry or biology homework, but there should also be days where you connect with your teachers and realize that you are both in school for same reason: to grow as people. It is so easy to forget, with the linearity of test scores and letter grades, that there is a person that is developing with those letters and numbers. It is so important to remember that you are the first priority in your education, not the people around you.

As with many in my grade, I am facing the behemoth that is the college application process. This collaborative attitude that I share with my teachers is hopefully going to relieve some of the stress, as combining meticulous applications and schoolwork does seem like a daunting task. I am facing it head on right now as I am multi-tasking writing this leditor and my student brag sheet in the library. But overall, I look forward to this year and the inevitable stress and structure it gives. I hope you can find some positivity in your stress as well.

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Leditor: Welcome Back!