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À Dieu to Madame Schrader

Leah Dunbar, '18, Editor

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Unfortunately, early this summer we were informed of a sad departure. Madame Schrader will be leaving Strath Haven after teaching French for six years alongside Madame Stadnicki. She will be relocating to Lower Merion High School. The claimed unplanned matching black and white striped shirts, painfully colorful jewelry, and plethora of nicknames that Madame Schrader picked up over her years at Strath Haven will truly be missed.

We decided to talk with Madame Stadnicki to hear her thoughts on the departure of both her colleague and dear friend.

Madame Stadnicki :

“Working with Madame Schrader the past six years was a pleasure and she will be sorely missed. Madame Schrader was a wonderful contribution to the World Languages department  and the French Department in particular. We were a strong team and enjoyed dressing up in our French “Bonjour” tee-shirts for Twin Day or just accidentally twinning in stripes many days. Her sense of humor and wit made the school day go by quickly. French students know that if we weren’t in our classroom after school, we could probably be found in the other’s room working on lesson plans or their favorite IPAs 😉 Fortunately, we have Madame Kimball-Kelly joining us this year in the French Department and continuing the French Exchange. Tu nous manqueras, Madame!”

A couple of students also speak about the departure of Madame Shrader.

Patrick Gaughan:

“Personally I’m shocked to hear Madam Schrader is leaving Strath Haven to continue her Foreign Language teaching career. That she isn’t taking the time to focus on her stand up comedy will forever remain a mystery. Whether it was frantically rushing in five minutes late to class after covering Biotech, or strolling in late with her childhood embroidered ‘JES’ bag, Madame Schader always managed to fit in teaching us French between her poor, but clearly planned, stand up comedy routines. One of her most iconic bits was the day after the election of 2016. I can only imagine she had been working on two different sets for both possible outcomes of the election. In her own words, “At least this means four more years of Alec Baldwin’s impression” (Schrader 2016). Madame Schrader always found a way to teach us one of her many notable life lessons, such as becoming a plumber to majoring in English rather than teaching French. She will always have a place in my heart as one of my two favorite teachers in the Strath Haven French Department.”

Hendrick Xiong-Calmes:

“Dearest Madame Shrayderr, I have to say that this departure was all but unforeseen. You are, above all else, a woman of drive. Going to a school that is closer to you is truly a great choice for both you and your kids so that you may have more time to spend with them. I wish you the best with the Lower Merion french students; they are unbelievably lucky to have such an intelligent yet sociable teacher as yourself educating them. That being said, perhaps my fondest memory of you is debating whether or not it is considered littering if the litter in question is biodegradable (i.e. apple cores thrown out of car windows). I believe this demonstrates how personable you can be while still being an educator to us all, and you are a brilliant teacher. You will be missed, and fondly remembered. Ce n’est pas une pomme.”

One benefit of having the middle school so close and packed with teachers both qualified and willing to join the faculty of the high school is for times like these. While Madame Shrader will always be remembered as a great addition to the French Department, we now welcome Madame Kimball-Kelly moving up from the middle school. After teaching the first French course for seventh and eighth graders for many years at the middle school, Madame Kimball-Kelly will now be teaching higher level French classes at the high school. In addition to teaching parts of French three, four, and French Seminar, Madame Kimball-Kelly will also be a part of the French club and upcoming French exchange.

As part of the French club, Madame Kimball-Kelly will join Madame Stadnicki in bringing in French food, playing French games outside, and possibly even taking a trip to a local creperie in Philadelphia.

In addition, Madame Kimball-Kelly will be joining Madame Stadnicki, Mrs. Kaneda, and thirty juniors and seniors on the French exchange. In fact, when the French students and teachers arrive at Strath Haven on October 16th, Madame Kimball-Kelly will be hosting the French teachers in her house. After this, she will be coming to those same French students’ houses in France during Spring Break in March of 2018 to experience their culture and traditions for 10 days.

While only joining the high school this month, Madame Kimball-Kelly has not failed to get involved in any way possible! We thank her greatly for her choice to join us and wish Madame Schrader luck in her new adventures at Lower Merion.

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À Dieu to Madame Schrader