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Modern Feminism and its Role at Haven

Hendrick Xiong-Calmes, Co-Editor-In-Chief

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With Donald Trump getting elected to the White House, I found myself questioning a lot about what I thought I knew regarding modern feminism. Do people know about what he has done to women, or do people just not care? What connotations are being associated with the term “feminist”? I believed that Trump’s whole inappropriate touching fiasco would be enough to hurt him significantly, and I guess it did, but not as significantly as I would have liked. I will admit one hundred percent that I am as liberal as they come, but this was just one part of the election that will forever stick with me. I honestly thought that sexist views would significantly damage his chances of getting the presidency, but, surprisingly to me, 53% of white women still voted for him.

At Haven, feminism can often be an overlooked topic. In our math classes, our history classes, and our english classes, the oppression of women can be a topic discussed as though it is not real anymore. But I myself have been with friends as they have been mistreated as women and I can see how uncomfortable and scared it can make someone. As kids are growing and learning in our schools, it is not always emphasized as much as it should be that Strath Haven High School should be a safe and healthy environment for children to coexist, and I do believe that highlighting feminism a little bit more would help this. I think it would do a lot of good to send messages of body positivity, equality, and acceptance into the community.

That being said, feminism is still alive and kicking. With the women’s march after Trump’s election, it is more apparent than ever what unity female Trump opposers have when it comes down to it. Despite the looters and all of the controversy that went along with the marches, I do think that the statement the marches made was an important one. One of my biggest regrets of my junior year will be that I did not attend the women’s march in Washington, and so this year, I decided to bring a bit of it to Haven by founding our new Feminism Club.

Upperclassmen and teachers will remember that yes, we did formerly have a feminism club in the form of BeyHive, but with the president graduating, leadership was never passed down and we went through the 16-17 school year without a club dedicated to the equality of the sexes. Our Feminism Club will follow an altered format to that of BeyHive. With Mrs. Drew as our staff advisor, we will lead bi-weekly lessons on specific feminist issues such as body positivity, feminism in ancient history, and male femininity, to name just a few. After a presentation, we will open up the conversation to the rest of the club, and have a back-and-forth conversation regarding the feminism issue at hand and just see where it goes!

Feminism is an important modern day issue, and it is essential to educate the public regarding the equality of the sexes, and promote a message of acceptance and love towards our peers.

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Modern Feminism and its Role at Haven