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Fantasy Football from the Perspective of Someone Who Doesn’t Really Know How Football Works

Chris Schmucki, '18, Staff Writer

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Quarterback! Wide receiver! Running back! Touchdown! Interception! Kickoff! Field goal! Fumble! Sack! Down! These words pretty much amalgamate my vocabulary in football. For the past two years, I have been taking part in Fantasy Football leagues without really knowing much about the sport. I distinctly remember my very first league, starting with the draft, about two summers ago. I entered without reading up on any of the players, their stats, or projections. I drafted a kicker in one of the first rounds because someone said it as a joke that I took too seriously. Bad mistake. After the first draft, I was totally lost. While my friends were deep in the Fantasy zone, I didn’t know the first move to make. Who do I keep on my roster? Who do I put on my bench? Should I trade this guy? I almost gave up, but I wanted to make the most of my $10 buy- in. Fortunately, my friends were not hyper- zealous, and always gave honest answers to the innumerable questions I asked. As the season went on, and once I figured out how to view the rankings, I noticed I was not doing all that bad. Not the top of the group, but not the bottom either. This
intrigued me. I was least prepared out of everyone in the league, and yet I’m not the worst? I thought to myself. Maybe Fantasy wasn’t as knowledge-based as I had thought it to be. At the end of my first season, surprisingly enough, I actually ended up losing in the championship match, coming in second place overall to Aidan Frick. I can accredit this success to
my beginners luck, and Gage Bailey who proffered me his best players mid-season. One year later, and the next season is starting up again. This time, I know a little more than I had a year ago, but still nothing relative to my friends. I arrived at the draft, pen and paper in hand, with a list of players who I wanted on my team. By the end of the draft, I was feeling pretty good about who I had picked. A few weeks later, however, my team was suffering; injuries galore. I was picking up and dropping players like crazy. No matter what move I made, I just kept losing. Okay, well now that I’m better prepared, I’m starting to suck? I was thoroughly confused. At the end of the season, I finished in second to last place, just barely avoiding the punishment of wearing XC shorts to school for a week.

After giving it some thought, I was able to draw some conclusions about Fantasy Football. It’s not about what you know, or who you are, 99% of the game is pure luck. You can’t guess how a football player is going to pursue their career. I could be wrong, because I know nearly nothing about football, but I’m just speaking from experience. May Aidan Frick’s undefeated record reign for an eternity.

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Fantasy Football from the Perspective of Someone Who Doesn’t Really Know How Football Works