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Philly Sports on the Rise

Ian Guilday, '19, Staff Writer

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For the last few years, Philadelphia sports teams have been considered the laughing stocks of national sports teams. However, with the start of the NFL season, and the arrival of the NBA season on the horizon, the outlooks are more hopeful than in seasons past. For example, not having been in the playoffs since 2013, the Eagles have been pain-stakingly mediocre. This season, the team as well as the fans are looking forward to a major change. With offseason additions of Legarrette Blount (RB) and Alshon Jeffery (WR), as well as first round draft pick Derek Barnett (DE), the Eagles have made some major upgrades to their roster. Despite a string of mediocre seasons, the Eagles have an opportunity to be a major playoff contender this season.

Another Philly sports team that has a chance to make a difference are the 76ers. As all Sixers fans are unfortunately aware of, the team has been horrendous for the past several season. Their 2015-2016 sea son record of 10-72 is the third worst NBA record of all time. However, last season, Sixers fans finally got a taste of what it was like to be good once more. This past sea- son, the Sixers relied on star athlete Joel Embiid to carry the team, which gave them several more wins than their previous sea- son, but put too much strain on Joel Em- biid, who only played 31 of the 82 regular season games. This year, Embiid will start the season well rested, and will be able to share the spotlight with former first round pick Ben Simmons, who didn’t play last season due to an injury, and this year’s first round pick, Markelle Fultz. With these additions, as well as NBA veterans like Robert Covington and Dario Saric, the Sixers will be a force to be reckoned with, and will likely have a championship under their belt within the next 5 years.

While some Philadelphia teams still have a while until they’re good again, it is easy to see that the Eagles and the Sixers will both be shaking up their leagues, and will be bringing hope to their loyal fans in the seasons to come.

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Philly Sports on the Rise