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Leditor: The Last One

Claire Van Duyne, '17, Editor-In-Chief

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Dear Readers of the Panther Press,

It’s that time of the year again. Us seniors must prepare for our next steps into the real world and out of Strath Haven, and I can honestly say I am sad to say goodbye. As this school year comes to a close, I’d like to take a moment to look back and appreciate the environment that shaped me and me fellow class members into the world citizens we are ready to become. Specifically, I leave behind the Panther Press with gratitude and sadness. As May passed into June, all school activities wound down to a halt. From spring sports to music groups, the high school activities slowed down as the school prepared for summer. All that was left was the Panther Press, up and running with its final and most popular edition being written, edited, and published. With the strict deadline of getting the paper out before the senior class vacated the premises, senioritis could not grasp the newspaper like it does every other facet of the high school by June. In fact, as the MaJune edition wrapped up I find myself writing this very Leditor on my final day of classes, trying to put into words how impactful of an experience the Panther Press has been for me.
Journalism is the beating heart of a community. It voices opinions, stirs controversy, and starts discussions. This discussion is what drives progress and involvement, and in our high school the Panther Press is valuable because it has the ability, as the only entirely student run sounding board in the school, to represent the student body. Just this year, the Panther Press covered the 2016 Presidential Election and its effects on our school atmosphere, the issue of college accessibil- ity, and activism within the Wallingford Swarthmore community. If one wishes to keep a community thriving, successful, and representative like Strath Haven is today, the only path to pursue is through journalism. Of course there are many other aspects of our school that contribute to making Haven the eighth ranked school in Pennsylvania. From our teachers to our diversity in extracurriculars to our advanced classes, Strath Haven has many positive attributes. However, I strongly believe that what makes Strath Haven truly unique and diverse is its student involvement and the fact that the voice of our student body rings loudly throughout the halls, all year long. Therefore, in my final days as a student at Strath Haven, I want to say thank you readers for staying loyal to the paper. Its value is unmeasurable, and I am grateful for the incredible opportunity to work directly with such an influential aspect of this school. I leave the Panther Press in the hands of Co-Editors in Chief Maddie Marks and Hendrick Xiong-Calmes with editors Joy Xiong in Detours, Lynnea Zhang in Arts and Entertainments, Ryan Krouse in Sports, and Leach Dunbar in Opinions. I wish them all the best of luck. It may be time to say good-
bye, but I leave knowing that Strath Haven will remain a vocal, dynamic, interactive environment as the Panther Press continues to pump life into this school community.

Thank you readers; good luck wherever your next few years take you.
Claire Van Duyne

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Leditor: The Last One