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Day Trips to Take This Summer

Maddie Marks, '19, Editor

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Even in the midst of homework,projects, finals, and other last minuteschoolwork, it’s finally safe to admit thatsummer is just about here. We’re falling in love with the idea of no more responsibilities or waking up at six in the morning. And while the idea of sleeping in and binge- watching favorite television shows is prob- ably the most enticing thing in the world right now, summer is about getting out, en- joying the weather, and having fun! So, for the days where you’ve had enough with sitting around and doing nothing (does such a thing even exist?), try planning an excursion to one of these cool places in the area.

Xscape the Room Media: this neat organization has a few buildings around Media that bring the spirit of online Escape the Room games to life. Groups of four to ten people are locked in a room where they have an hour to decode messages, find hidden items, unlock boxes, discover extra rooms, and ultimately escape the room. Right now, they have four different rooms, the Classroom, the Speakeasy, the Basement, and the Safe Room, with the Artist’s Sanctum coming soon. Each ticket costs twenty-eight dollars.

Schuylkill Banks Movie Night: this summer, the Schuylkill Banks are hosting a series of ten movies at the Walnut Street Bridge and the Wharton Street Esplanade. One movie is being shown every Thursday night (if the weather is nice), including Finding Dory, Hidden Figures, and Ratatouille. The public is invited to bring blankets, a picnic, and their friends to watch a film or two. The best part? It’s totally free.

Chanticleer Gardens: this beautiful estate in Wayne makes for a wonderful and relaxing day trip in the Spring and the Summer. The construction of Chanticleer finished in 1913, owned by the Rosengarten family. After the completion, a landscape artist expanded the property with terraces and gardens. Today, it is open for the public to enjoy its beautiful architecture, flowers, ponds, and trails. It is a perfect place to bring a picnic and enjoy the sunshine, and the tickets are only ten dollars per person.

Morris Arboretum: this arboretum at University of Pennsylvania is another relaxing place to spend a summer day. It displays over 12,000 labeled plants from all over North America, Asia, and Europe, and includes many trails to wander and explore. They provide guided and self-guided tours that can inform you about the arboretum’s history, trees, architecture, and sculptures. They also have many events for the summer season, including the Hidden Gems Tour, where you can explore off the trails provid- ed to look at hidden buildings and gardens.

XPN Free at Noon: back in Philly, the radio channel XPN hosts a Free at Noon events where the public is invited to mini concerts for free. Here, you can watch lesser known artists perform and enjoy a day in Philly. These performers provide a nice break from the current music culture, and have some good music too.

Bryn Mawr Film Institute Projections: this program at Bryn Mawr Film Institute provides a non-profit movie theater for the public to attend and enjoy. They play many lesser known and more artistic films, including some from countries across the world, like the UK and Israel. They also invite people to join film discussions led by Film Institute staff or volunteers. Also among their programs are seminars, including one that observes various short film, and filmmaking workshops.

This list is just a small representation of all of the things to do in and around the Delco and Philly area. But that’s why we have the Internet! Though it may be tempting, don’t neglect all of the fun things you could be doing for sleep. Go out there and make some memories!

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Day Trips to Take This Summer