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What’s Haven Doing This Summer?

Maddie Marks, '19, Staff Editor

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What could possibly be better than heading off to summer vacation with loads of plans, goals, and fun activities filling your schedule? Simple! Hearing about other people’s plans, goals, and fun activities this summer! Well, maybe it’s not as good, but it’s still quite cool to find out what your friends and peers are doing, which is why the Panther Press decided to ask a few Haven students about what they’ll be up to this summer. Who knows, maybe you’ll get a few ideas of how to spend your time yourself!

“I’m actually going to Italy. We found a family who wants their daughter to learn English, so I’ll be speaking English with her in exchange for room and board.” -Abby McElroy, ‘19

“I’m going to France and I’m doing some field hockey camps. I would love to go to Nepa or India and work with kids there, specifically girls, teaching them that they have value and that they are not property. I guess a more realistic version of that would be working with girls in the inner city areas.” -Megan Lowry, ‘19

“This summer I’m working as a counsel- or at a hockey camp and I’m also going to Firefly which I’m really excited about. Mostly I’m excited to sleep. One thing that isn’t the best though is starting to write my college essays and actual begin that process, which is terrifying.” -Ellie Miller, ‘18

“We’re going on a family cruise. I’m also doing a couple theater camps, one at YPTW and one at UArts, both of which prepare me for my career and are a part of my hobby.” -Sabrina Caputo, ‘19

“I’m excited to work at my summer camp in Pittsburgh, Summer’s Best Two Weeks!” -Zoe Peeleman, ‘17

“I don’t really have many plans over the summer, but I’m volunteering at the CIT program at the Franklin Institute. I might teach piano to someone too, but that’s not certain yet.” -Sophie Kujawski, ‘20

“I’m participating in the summer music program along with attending Bear Creek Camp which I go to every year. I’m also planning on attending the national scout jamboree in West Virginia.” -Richie Michael, ‘19

“I would say something I’m excited for in the summer is going to New York a few times to take tap classes.” -Tommy Bennett, ‘19

“Sleep. I would like to sleep in for once. I would also like the binge watch a few shows on Netflix and go on some college tours since I’ll need to do that soon.” -Enakshi Deb, ‘18

“I’m spending my summer studying at Stanford University during their summer quarter. I’m also looking forward to weekend adventures in San Francisco.” -Elisha Sidhu, ‘19

“I’ll be going to the beach and trying to catch up on the sleep that was stolen from me.” -Tara Clifton, ‘18

“I’m doing a four week ballet camp with my friends from ballet, which I’m really excited for. I’m also going to my grandparents’ house in Cape Cod which is super fun because we get to go to all kinds of different beaches every day!” -Ellen McCullough, ‘19

“I’m planning on having a low key summer – I’m doing swim team, working at the pool, and teaching swim lessons outside of that so I guess I’ll smell like chlorine all summer! There’s a possibility of travel but nothing definite so I’m just kind of going with the flow.” -Maggie Corson, ‘19

“This summer I plan on working to make money for college and I’m looking forward to college marching band camp!” Nadia Stellabotte, ‘17

I’m really excited to go back to China and visit my family and old friends and eat all the delicious food and basically go back to where I spent five years of my childhood. I’m just really hype to relive all of those memories!” -Mei-Belle Sun, ‘19

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What’s Haven Doing This Summer?