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Strath Haven’s Future College Athletes

Claire Van Duyne, '17, Editor-In-Chief

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As the seniors prepare for leaving the Strath Haven halls, many sports teams are left with another wave of successful athletes leaving their line ups. Therefore, with this year coming to a close it is ex- citing to look forward at where some of Strath Haven’s most impactful athletes are heading off to next year. The Panther Press interviewed some future college athletes to see what their plans are and how they intend to pursue athletics after their high school careers.

Kacy Hafertepe: I will be playing soccer and lacrosse next year at Swarthmore Col- lege. I hope to continue playing on these teams throughout my entire college experi- ence, but I am aware of the academic rigor at this institution. I’m excited to go in early this fall and meet all of my future soccer teammates and future coaches. It will also be a fun experience to continue playing with some of my high school fellow Haven athletes in the next few years.

Maddie Forbes: I am going to Rice to run track and possibly cross country depend- ing on how fast I run in the next couple of years. I’m excited because when I visited earlier this year, it was obvious that when you go down to this community that it is a program where all the athletes love running. At a lot of other division one schools, the programs can be too intense and cause many girls to quite. At Rice the coach seems really nice and he isn’t going to over run me or cause me to burn out. I think it’ll be a lot of fun committing entirely to a sport next year.

Justin Snyder: Next year I am going to Swarthmore College to play men’s soccer. I’ve always wanted to play, but originally when I started the process of looking at schools Swarthmore wasn’t necessarily a top choice. Throughout the process howe er, I realized that being in a community like Swarthmore was a great choice. I’ve talked a lot with coach Wagner who I know, and through that I realized what a good choice Swarthmore would be. Specifically, I will get the chance to put academics first while still playing soccer, unlike other schools where athletics would by prioritized over academics.

Meghan Lashley: I will be going to Ursinus College for field hockey. For me, field hockey has always been a really big part of my life and one of my favorite things to do; I couldn’t give that up. Particularly, Ur- sinus stood out to me as a great option be- cause it has a really good science program – which is what I am interested in addition to all around great, really nice people. Together it is a perfect balance between the sport I love and a great college opportunity.

Brendan Ricciardi: I’ll be going to Penn State Brandywine to play baseball for col- lege. I am a first basemen, and Penn State Brandywine currently doesn’t have a first basemen they can confidently start, so I am hopefully going to get straight into playing. I’m excited for being a part of Penn State incredible alumni network as well. Oliver Yancey: I am going to be attending Gettysburg College in the fall, and I will be swimming. Specifically I decided on Get- tysburg because of the team atmosphere and the small scale college size. It is pretty much a larger sized swim team compared to where I was looking as well.

Max Memeger: In terms of track, I will be running next year at Middlebury. Mostly I compete in the hurdles and sprinting events. I decided on Middlebury because I like the feel of a small school, which Mid- dlebury provided. I look forward to seeing where this next step in life takes me.

Summer Martin: I am attending Dart- mouth next year and I’ll be swimming. I have always wanted to swim Division One and Dartmouth stood out to me as a smart choice. It is a competitive team in a very highly rated academic location

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Strath Haven’s Future College Athletes