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Strath Haven Softball Success

Emily Lesher, '18, Staff Writer

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For the past several years, it has been no secret that the softball team at Strath Haven has had a less-than-ideal record. The team has been outright mocked by other softball teams in the Central League. Even within the school, other sports teams at Ha- ven refer to the resident softball team as “a joke” and “the worst team in the league.” This year, however, the conver- sation about Strath Haven softball has changed drastically. After a somewhat rocky start, the Panthers finished the reg- ular season with a 7-12 record. Most of these wins were accrued as a result of de- feating other schools on their senior nights, which while demoralizing for the other team, put Haven in a great position. These teams deliberately scheduled Haven as the team to play, thinking that it would be an easy win for them on the night dedicated to their seniors, but they were mistaken. The Panthers went 4-1 on a senior night streak, showing just how far the program has come this season alone. Additionally, these wins were the major upsets that were needed in order for the Panthers to make it into the playoffs. Beating schools such as Springfield, the state champions in 2014, and Penncrest, the number one team in the league, were major upsets that increased Strath Haven’s ranking considerably. These wins were what allowed the Panthers to earn their spot in dis- trict playoffs for the first time in a whole twenty-two years. Just to put that into per- spective: that is longer than anyone on the softball team has been alive. Senior Grace Haase recalls the past and current softball teams stating, “There has definitely been a huge shift in skill this year with the soft- ball team. It is impressive.” The Strath Haven Softball program has improved ex- ponentially in recent years due to the hard work of the girls and the coaching staff, particularly during the off season. Their workouts since the fall, combined with the Myrtle Beach spring break trip, have helped the program immeasurably. The improvement of the program would not have been possible without the com- mendable leadership of the seniors, who have worked extremely hard the past four years to turn the program around, as well as the dedication of the coaching staff. To- gether the softball team has made immense progress this year, and through a collab- orative effort the program is sure to keep improving over the next couple of years.

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Strath Haven Softball Success