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Curling Coming to Strath Haven

Claire Van Duyne, '17, Editor-In-Chief

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Much to the thrill and excitement of the student body, competitive varsity curling is now coming to Strath Haven. After years of complaints, at last the administration has heard the voice of the students and responded. Come the 2017- 2018 school year, Haven will at last be competing in curling with a varsity team of mixed boys and girls. When it comes to the sport of curling, there are many qualities a competitive curler must have that Strath Haven values in day-to-day life. From cooperation to perseverance to thinking outside of the box, curling goes beyond just being a sport. In fact for students, curling is not just a sport but rather a way of life.

Curling is an often overlooked but extremely valuable sport. Four athletes compete on a team at a time, and two teams play against each other at once. They take turns pushing granite stones or rocks across the ice – aka curling sheet – and the goal is to deliver them as close to the target area as possible. Each team has eight stones and whichever team has the higher score with more stones close to the target area wins. However, the complexity of the game reveals that curved paths and using two “sweepers” or brooms increases the in tensity of the sport. Often time curling is refereed to as “chess on ice” because of the higher level thinking involved on top of the athletic aspect. Haven has been missing a key part of the athletic experience. Sure the school has a huge arts and music program on top of highly competitive varsity sports teams, but curling brings to the table a level of teamwork, strategy, and athleticism that is unheard of within Haven halls. A senior and curling enthusiast Valerie Henderson reveals, “I identify a lot with the sport of curling. It reminds me of my favorite sport field hockey in many ways.” Other students seem to be in agreement showing that curling is not only a popular sport for the student body but it also has a large number of participates interested in picking up the hobby.

Next year is sure to bring about some changes to the athletics here at Haven due to ripple effects from the introduction of curling. Some athlete shuffling is likely to occur as curling takes place during the winter season, so the basketball and indoor track coaches are waiting in worried anticipation for this change. The students better brace themselves; curling is coming to Strath Haven.

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Curling Coming to Strath Haven